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as there was last year. arne duncan, who flew on air force 1 with the president was asked why this controversy didn't seem to appear this year. i think he said i think people realize it was silly to do that last year. for the president to come out to talk to students and tell them to work hard shouldn't be controversial for any president to do it. that was the president's basic message today. talking straight forwardly about a time in his life when he was a goof off and his mom had to set him straight and get him to study hard. his message was simple. stay in school, work hard and that will make the difference. >> excelling, whether in school or in life isn't mainly about being smarter than everybody else. that's not really the secret to success. it's about working harder than everybody else.
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don't avoid new challenges, seek them out. step out of your comfort sewns. don't be afraid to ask for help. your teachers and your family are there to guide you. >> the president also had a message to students to be kind to one another. he didn't use a word bullying but it was a message about that conduct. saying when your friends are doing well, don't be jealous of them, be proud of them. watch what they're doing and maybe you can learn something, too. so it's those kinds of sentiments we heard from the president today. should mention the president has been pushing hard on education reforms. his race to the top initiative, a competition for schools for federal funding that makes certain reforms. there's an election here in washington, d.c. today that a lot of people will be watching closely. mayor adrian fenty in a tough re-election battle. a lot of observers in local politics thinks he may not prevail. he hired the chancellor of washington schools. somebody the president and education secretary appointed to
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as somebody who is good on the issues of reform. we'll see if mayor fenty and michelle reid keep their jobs after today. >> savannah guthrie live at the white house. thank you. an update on american sarah shourd. she's out of the iranian prison and speaking now for the very first time. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world, all of the governments, all of the people that have been involved, and i especially particularly want to address president ahmadinejad and all the iranian officials, really just the leaders and thank them for this humanitarian gesture. >> andrea mitchell has confirmed she was charged with espionage. president obama released a statement saying i am very pleased that sarah shourd has been released by the iranian government and will soon be
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united with her family. nbc news tehran bureau chief has more detail ls. i was giving a note that sarah shourd has been met by her mother in oman. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. an end of an agonizing weekend of uncertainty for sarah shourd. we don't know what is going to happen with shane bauer and josh fattal. they said it would be reviewed in two months time. they may still have to face trial, or they may be given the same sort of compassionate treatment sarah was and let go. so still this story has to play out a lot further, tamron. >> and even past these individuals, president ahmadinejad will be visiting new york very soon. many are speculating this show of compassion also ties into his visit to the state.
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>> reporter: absolutely. the timing can't be too coincidental. he's going to the states. iran is under intense pressure under the nuclear program. it's come under scrutiny over human rights. when he wants to address the world on the world stage of the u.n., he probably wants to go soften iran's image. that was one step forward to doing that. >> ali arouzi live. the latest news is sarah shourd was met by her mother in oman. she read a short statement thanks them for helping her. big primary races today in delaware, new hampshire, new york, maryland, massachusetts, rhode island, wisconsin and the district of columbia. one of the most hotly contested races is delaware's primary. it's pitted congressman mike castle against christine o'donnell, who has captured national attention with support
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from czar pra pasarah palin in a party. in new york charlie rangel faces a public ethics trial after a house committee found he violated ethics rules. he faces a tough challenge from adam clayton powell iv. powell's father lost to rangel back in 1970. next to new hampshire. the republican senate front-runner kelly ayotte is facing a tough field of competito competitors. ovide lamontagne could pull off a win. and in massachusetts, will stephen lynch pull off a victory? a federal judge in florida said he will likely allow a trial on portions of a lawsuit by florida and 19 other states challenging the president's health care overall as unconstitutional.
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the judge said in a hearing today in pence cola he expects to dismiss some parts of the lawsuit. let's get more clarification from pete williams. obviously people are looking at judge's wording and what this may mean for other states. what can you tell us? >> well, this is another tactical victory for the people who are claiming that the obama health care plan violates the constitution by requiring all americans to buy health care, and if they don't do so to pay a tax penalty. so this is one of the big sets of cases. this was 20 states, as you noted. the obama administration was hoping the courts would throw them out and find out the states filing them have no legal standing to do so. this judge thinks the case can go forward. this follows a similar ruling. he says he'll not rule on this until october 14th. just a month ago a judge in
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virginia declined to throw out a lawsuit filed by that state, making similar claims that the obama health care plan requirement is unconstitutional. the judge wasn't clear about which parts. it's more than he wuntd clear. he just declined to say which parts of the case he would throw out. this case in florida makes two claims. the constitutional claim, and then they also say that the state should not have to pay additional medicaid costs. that it's unconstitutional to require them to come up with the money for the program. he didn't say which parts he'll throw out. the fact that he'll let the case continue is another tactical victory for critics of the plan. >> thank you very much, pete williams. again, that ruling from the judge is expected october 14th. thank you, pete. and right now hurricane igor is pushing across the atlantic on a track that could take it directly to bermuda. igor is expected to remain a
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dangerous category 4 hurricane through thursday before it reaches the bahamas this weekend. then forecasters believe it will downgrade it to a cat 2. julia happen upgaraded to a category 1 hurricane. it is not threatening land. ines sainz, the tv reporter who was allegedly subjected to sexual harassment by nfl players. she says she doesn't want any of the players punished. she has choice words for people who criticized what she wore in the jets locker room the day of the alleged incident. >> i wore for television. my image, i was building my image for all those years. i don't see the problem. i do the interviews with the best players in the world. i'm very respected in europe and spain and italy and obviously in
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mexico. >> msnbc contributor and nationally indicated radio talk show host michael smerconish joins me live from the studio in philadelphia. we were talking about this yesterday. it was a hot topic. i interviewed her. she says i was the first woman to cover sports exclusively in mexico. she feels this is much ado about nothing, but nevertheless this is the hottest topics on the blogs. what do you say now? >> yesterday when i had the conversation on the radio, not everyone had seen the images. today a totally different picture because this is the -- there may be elections in seven states, tamron. i'm sorry to tell you, this is the buzz in the country today. now you'll be interested, i think, to learn that my website has a poll. the poll asks did she invite boarish behavior when she dressed that way? the poll is running 90 to 10% that she did. and the callers are much the same way in lining up. it's a lot of male-oriented
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callers who say what did she expect if this is the way she is looking in the jet locker room. >> it's interesting you say that. yesterday when we were talking about that i got tweets from people on both sides quite honestly. but a lot of people took offense that to this woman's at tire had come into question. i had a viewer threaten to never watch me again because i brought up her attire. it was a part of the story. i want to read something that washington redskins football player clinton portis. >> put a woman and give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody has got to be appealing to her. you know, somebody has got to spark her interest, or she's going to want somebody. she's referring to ines coming into the locker room saying she had to have the hots for one of these players. what was he thinking? why would you say something like this? >> i don't know. that's goofy. i'm not going to defend clinton
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portis. they beat the cowboys and all the the sudden they're big shots. she's the one who sexualized this whole issue. tamron, if she went in there and not necessarily as a church mouse, but if she went in there looking as professionals typically look, we wouldn't being having this dialogue. i have to say to a certain extent she brought it on herself. it's not a defense of cat calls. but when recollection ryan the coach is throwing the ball in close proximity to her so guys can go close to her, to me that's harmless. i would never defend anybody who may have said something of a sexually suggestive manner. >> do you think too much attention is paid to women, what we wear? you remember the handle storm controversy? she had on a skirt and boots. and one colleague took a swipe at her because of her outfit, that wasn't nearly as revealing at what ines wore. it seems like this comes up over and over, especially with women who cover sports. do people need to grow up? >> in part they do.
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i didn't equate the hanna storm controversy with this one. i watched your interview. she seems like a terrific lady. but look at the way she was looking for your -- she's an attractive woman, and she clearly wants you to know that. >> which is what she said. she said, listen, this is a part of image. this is my image. she's very comfortable, as she said, i believe the wording was sexy and attractive. she thought the behavior rude but not sexual harassment. why do you think she won't say they crossed the line here? >> because tomorrow she wants to go back in the locker room. she doesn't want her access denied. she doesn't seem to have been the catalyst for making this an issue. she tweeted to a limited extent. then a female sports association group which sort of propelled her out into the limelight. i wonder if they're doing their cause harm. they're the ones making the
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sexual nature of this into a controversy. it demeans from her ability to report the story. >> ines says another female reporter was present who took offense to the cat calling if you will and that it escalated from there. that individual was the person who sounded the alarm on this. but you make excellent points on this. we'll see what happens next. some speculate she may have a bigger career outside of television in mexico because she's so popular right now. we'll see. thank you, michael. >> see you, tamron. we would like to know what you think habit this story or any others that we are covering. twitter us. we are following breaking news out of amsterdam. dutch police have arrested and find an american pilot who was preparing to take off. the passenger jet while he was drunk. the pilot's name has not been released. police in the netherlands say he's a 52-year-old captain from woodbury, new jersey. delta confirms the man works for
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their company. they arrested the man in the cockpit of a plane after an anonymous tip. the associated press reports a breath test found he had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit in the netherlands. he was fined $900 and released. the flight was canceled. a new drug-resistant super bug found in three straits. the warning and if you should be worried. and a florida mom sues after her baby was circumcised by mistake. how could this have happened? why she's not suing for malpractice but something even more serious. and it's the story that has the internet abuzz. is apple about to come out with a new ipad model in time for the holidays? [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require
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visit and go beyond yellow. welcome back, everyone. in your money minute, two new reports out today are helping restore confidence in the economy. retail sales rose 4/10 of a percent this month. business inventories jumped by the largest amounts in two years. businesses built up their inventories. let's look at wall street and see how the dow is shaping up. just up slightly there as well as the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. we'll keep an eye on the markets for you. another story we're talking about. a new so-called super bug resistant to nearly all antibiotics is causing people to get sick in three states. so far illinois, california, and
2:19 pm
massachusetts. all of the patients with the drug resistant bug recently received medical care in india. they were not related. all of them have been treated. doctors are concerned it could become global. and a south florida hospital is facing a lawsuit after a baby was circumcised without his mother's permission. mario vierra was in intensive care following his birth. during that time vera and her husband told doctors and staff they did not want mario circumci circumcised. the procedure was performed anyway. >> in nearly 20 years of practicing law in miami as a medical malpractice attorney, i have never seen a case like this. this is not medical malpractice. this is a battery. this was an unconsented, unwanted, unauthorized touching of this child.
2:20 pm
>> well, south miami hospital has released a statement offering its apologies saying someone misread the consent form. >> grizzly bears moveg from the wild to more residential neighborhoods. science and environmental expert jeff corwin talks to a man who was recently attacked by a bear. and microsoft launches a much anticipated video game halo. let the halo mania begin. i'm no. definitely not easy. hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... lafayette: just got to get through the day. how do you stop this? being used to doing something with a cigarette makes it hard doing it without one. but if i can re-learn to get through my workday without cigarettes, - man: easy. - i can re-learn anything without cigarettes. announcer: re-learn life without cigarettes, free, at a new way to think about quitting.
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the new xbox video game halo reach is already a huge hit. long lines snaked around stores last night as gamers waited for stores to open across the country to try to get it. early reviews give it a thumbs up. nice. could apple really be rolling out a new ipad just six months after the original launch?
2:24 pm
well, that's the latest apple rumor that an ipad version two complete with face time camera will be in stores in time for the holiday season. dan ackerman is the senior editor. if this is true, i'm going to lose it. the top of the line ipad runs about $900. you can get one on the lower end for about $600. this would be a slap in the face, i think. >> this would be a quick turnaround. as one of the unsourced rumors, it's hard to say how much credence we should give it. it falls in line with what apple is doing now, trying to get into new face time products. >> what is the normal length of time apple waits to relaunch the second generation of something? >> apple products usually get refreshed once a year around the same time period. every june there's a new iphone. >> it's different, too, when you launch a new iphone at $200, which is still a lot, compared
2:25 pm
to launching something, six months later for the price point. >> and that's the other thing. they're selling enough of the current ipad you wouldn't think they would need a new version out there right away. but there has been a steady drum beat of, hey, they're going to add face time to this. they'll have the higher resolution display. at the same time, predicting apple stuff, it's always a losing game. you're never going to guess right. >> unless someone leaves one in a restaurant. this is interesting. there had been a three-week waiting list for the ipad. now they've made matching demands. you get it shipped within 24 hours. >> you really can't win with that. if you don't have enough of the product and you have to wait, then people say, it's not sold out, there's no demand for it. >> when will we know if this is fact or fiction? >> apple already had a september press conference. if in a couple weeks they call another one, say in like
2:26 pm
november, then i would expect to see something there. >> dan, separating fact from fiction for us. shocking new video taken just after that gas explosion in california. we'll tell you how the tragedy is sparking other states to now focus on pipeline dangers. this is across the country. so oprah's down under surprise for the audience is pretty big. she's taking the entire audience from the show to australia. australia gets in return a huge bill. wait until you hear how much it will cost australia to have oprah and friends come. at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful
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[ animals calling ]uid gel. ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. the pipeline that killed at least four people when it erupted in san bruno was built
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in 1956 when just a handful of homes existed in the neighborhood. since then many more homes were built over the pipeline. nbc's miguel joins us live. when this news broke, people saw the developing story. you naturally wonder if you're safe in your own neighborhood. now congress may be looking at this very thing. >> reporter: the local congress people working this district have going back to washington, d.c. they're calling for hearings. they're saying many neighbors didn't know what kind of pipes ran in front of her house, ran through her backyard. many don't know what they're living on top of us. that's a question that will be brought up in the hearings. it's also a national security issue. there's a touch and go between the two subjects. you'll recall the line that exploded was a 30-inch wide trance mission pipe. not the typical pipe you have running underneath your home. these are more industrial pipes. that pipe was laid in the area before the homes.
2:31 pm
you can see behind me, that's the devastation behind me. it's been there for several days. investigators say the homes hit have been completely wiped out. homes completely destroyed. investigators say it will take at least a month to figure out a cause of what caused the rupture line to burst. it could take up to a year for a formal more official report. pg& e is offering a $100 million fund for those families affected by the blast. they'll immediately give the homeowners $50,000 to get them back on the their feet. >> what's going on behind you? i see a lot of activities. are they looking at other gas lines in the neighborhood? what's going on there now? >> reporter: all the gas lines have been capped in the neighborhood behind me. there's a fence behind me probably just out of your view.
2:32 pm
we had the gas company out here, the american red cross, and yesterday there was a bus tour for the residents that live in the blast zone to go behind the crime scene. it's the homes in front of me residents are returning to. they've been coming home since sunday. many uneasy about staying here but beginning to pick up the pieces. today is primary day. one big race is delaware's republican senate primary. consider this. if christine o'donnell manages to unseat establishment favorite mike castle, there is a mathematical chance that the republicans could take back the senate. that won't be easy. mark, a lot of people staying up to see what happens, especially in delaware as we pointed out. >> absolutely, tamron. it impacts what will happen in
2:33 pm
november. many analysts and observers including republicans admit if christine o'donnell wins tonight, republicans have a much more difficult time of winning this race in the fall. delaware has been one of the senate contests that we've identified for a very long time being in the republican column. let me break down the math for you how republicans may be able to win senate control in the fall. they node to pick up a net of ten senate seats. right now the nbc political unit identified 13 possible pick up opportunities. they range from north dakota where republicans no doubt will be able to win to more unlikely but still possible places. so republicans need to win 10 of the 13 and not lose any of their side. if you take delaware off the map or off the table, republicans need to win 10 out of 12. so certainly very difficult. but we're talking about
2:34 pm
republicans pick up a net of ten senate seats is a huge seat change from a year and a half ago when we thought democrats would net a seat or two. so the wins are at the republicans' back. we're going to see if they can pick you were the net ten. >> a little more insight from you on christine o'donnell and mike castle and how it's turned into -- i don't want to say fighting but the gop versus tea party story line coming out of delaware. the gop believe obviously they can win with mike castle. >> well, tamron. it's reminiscent to alaska. everyone thought murkowski was going to win. joe miller, someone virtually unknown, comes out to beat her. christine o'donnell, she's been waging her campaign against mike castle, the long time front-runner. many people hadn't been paying attention to her. all the sudden there's concern that she could win. she has the endorsements from
2:35 pm
jim demint and sarah palin. when you end up having a republican primary, any type of primary where only 30,000 people are going to vote, anything can happen. right now because of the implications in november, some republicans are worried and are definitely going to be watching the election results. >> certainly watching msnbc's prime time coverage. we'll see what happens on this last big primary of the season. thank you, mark. >> two people were killed by grizzly attacks in wyoming just this summer. wildlife experts say the animals are being found in areases where bears don't normally live. and this is creating a hazardous situation for the humans and for the bears. science environmental expert jeff corwin joins me live. this is happening for many
2:36 pm
reasons. also because some people believe global warming has something to do with the bears going into the different communities. >> a number of scientists out there. there's some evidence to suggest the resources that bears depend upon, for example, pine nuts which grow in high altitude forests in yellow stone national park, that they're being impacted by global warming. thus, the bears aren't looking for food and looking for other places to get an easy meal. these grizzly bears are recovering from the brink of extinction, but they're running out of places to go. when human beings meet bears, that's where the problem can happen. you want to see how vicious a bear can be, look at jerry ruth. >> he retired as a police officer in maryland, moving to wyoming was a dream come true. last summer his dream became a nightmare. >> you're out with your friend exploring this incredible country looking for elk, but an
2:37 pm
elk isn't what you found. >> i remember a brown blur and a growl. and then the next thing was a big fur blanket over my head and the sound of my bones crushing many my face. >> jerry was attacked by a grizzly bear. the bear encounter that jerry had was catastrophic. this is the place where he was attacked. and this is high dez ertd. it is not bear country. why are we today now finding grizzly bears here? >> we continue to see bears pushing out into areas that we typically haven't seen them. >> mark has been capturing and relocating grizzlies for 20 years. this year they've captured more bears than ever before. the mighty grizzly bear once on the brink of extinction is recovering. that's the good news. but today these incredible creatures are running out of wilderne wilderness. and bears out of a need for survival are wandering into what
2:38 pm
is now human territory. why was this bear trapped today? >> this bear was frequenting this ranch housing compound. almost every night on and off for about a week. >> just look at this. i mean, it's just amazing. look at those claws and those canine teeth can easily crush through bone. i assist the team in taking hair and blood samples. they'll be used to check the animal's health and genetic history. he'll also be fitted with this radio tracking collar. >> so he's been collared. you've got your data, your information. what happens next? >> i think we have a good release site for him. we'll release him and monitor him weekly with a flight and see what he does. hopefully he returns to being a wild bear. >> for the grizzlies it's not just a matter of changing their
2:39 pm
behavior, but changing human behavior, a lesson jerry ruth learned well. >> bears have every right to be here as i do. i've got to learn to live in bear habitat. it's just something i have to do. >> tamron, accoing to moark, the person really on the front lines is there's simple and common step changes that we can make in our lives, whether you're hiking or you live in bear country. simply by packaging food correctly, by storing it. if you're hiking in yellow stone, let anything in front of you know you're there. if you're camping, pack correctly. simple steps that save people and saves bears. >> great report, jeff. interesting information. thank you very much. >> thank you. more trouble for disgraced pop star george michael. he's going to spend eight weeks now behind bars for driving under the influence of drugs. the british drug also took away his license for five years and
2:40 pm
fined him $2,000. back in july george michael crashed his car into a london photo shop. he pleaded guilty to dui and marijuana potion possession. oprah announced she's giving her entire audience a free trip to australia. surely you heard the news. it's a hot topic. what is australia getting? what big bill. let's get the scoop from's pop culture columnist. and they're not mad. >> nothing comes for free. it's a bill to the tune of $3 million for the australian government to have all these people in australia. most of those costs are transportation costs associated with moving these people all around the continent and reconvening at the sidney opera house. >> why would they have to pay? >> australia has basically come to an agreement that it's to pro mote tourism. they have more ais trailians leaving the country for vacation than people coming into the country for vacation.
2:41 pm
they figure it's a fantastic way to promote australia. her show is broadcast in more than 40 countries. and they only stand to win from this experiment truthfully. and of course, it comes at price. >> very wise of them to embrace it. >> i think it's a good investment. also penelope cruz. stars that go through this phase where pregnancy rumors start, her rep finally does say, though, she confirms that penelope is 4 1/2 months pregnant. the two of them had a very quiet wedding in early july. >> so quiet it was a secret. >> pretty much. right now she is filming the new "pirates of the caribbean movie." >> pregnant? >> but they wear the blousy shirts? >> but they wear the corsettes.
2:42 pm
>> we've been talking about the meat dress for days. lady gaga's meat dress. her stylist has been tapped to be the new creative director for a paris based fashion label. but, yeah, so this is a person who has styled a dress out of steak and making a big career out of it. >> he's only 33. what better model -- i don't know if this is going to make it from the runway to your closet but -- >> hey, lady gaga has an inkreshl reach. she and harry reid are engaging in tweets. >> you have to be creative to make a dress out of meat. whether it's gross or not.
2:43 pm
>> sure, you have to have a vision. >> i like my meat on a plate in front of me. >> like wise. >> for the very latest entertainment news log onto nancy pelosi is portrayed as an infamous villain in a new political ad. >> hello my pretty. i will save you from those evil republicans. >> it is just one of the things we thought you should know. straight ahead.
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2:47 pm
. she said the attack happened near a park, but but so far no witnesses have come guard. an emotional testimony today from a connecticut man whose wife and two young daughters were murdered during a brutal home invasion. he survived the 2007 attack, and he took the stand today in the trial of one of the suspects and described that night of whorror. his wife and two daughters were killed. the suspect the home on fire. nbc's jess rossen is live in new haven outside the courthouse. jeff, what more did he say on the stand about what happened that night? >> reporter: hey, tamron. gripping testimony in court today. this man has been there so much. lost his wife. lost both of his kids. . he is the lone survivor of the attack. the defense says, yes, my client raped and killed jennifer petitt. the key here is will this deft steven hayes get the death
2:48 pm
penalty or not? he offered to plead guilty if prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. prosecutors said no, that's how airtight they believe their case is. he and another man allegedly broke into the home three years ago in a suburban upscale neighborhood here in krthd. middle of the night the family was sleeping. tortured them. led them to a bank to take out $15,000. ended up killing them and burned their house down. on the stand today the lone survivor told in his testimony, told the jury the defendant said if he gives them what yo want we won't hurt you. i may have yelled out hey, and then a voice yelled back at him saying don't worry. it's all going to be over in a couple of minutes. in fact, prosecutors have said that that the testimony that the jury will hear, the audience will hear in this case, will
2:49 pm
rock your inner core because of what this man went through. he said he was tied up by his wrist an inkels. his family was being tortured and killed in another room. he could do nothing about it. >> i got a note that the juror was excused at the trials. what did the judge say? >> in a highly unusual part of this case, a juror stood up and read a letter to the judge and prosecutors and the defense and say i can't be fair about the case because, he said, the prosecution is completely disorganized. the juror said he can't follow the evidence because the the prosecution is all over the place. the judge wanted to keep the juror in place. the judge compared it to saying he doesn't like how the marathon is being run half way through the marathon. and asked the juror point-blank, do you feel like you can be fair in the case, the juror said no,
2:50 pm
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welcome back. there's a lot going on today. here are some things, though, we thought ushds know. dualing political ads. one targeting the woman who is the current speaker of the house. another targeting the man who wants that job. first up, republican john dennis paints opponent nancy pelosi as the wicked witch of the west. >> hello, my pretty. i will save you from those evil republicans. and democrats are firing off their own attack ads. take a look at this ad targeting republican john boehner, criticizing his stance on tax cuts. >> john boehner opposed funding for government jobs. jobs for teachers, for cops, for
2:54 pm
firefighters. boehner has a different plan. tax cuts for businesses. >> well, in other political news, we're waiting for a ruling from a denver john on whether tom tancredo's name will remain on ballot for the republican's name. the former republican congressman is running as the american constitution party. gubernatorial candidate. tancredo said his by laws trump state laws. he was not registered with them for at least 12 months. those are the things question thought you should know today. next up, crossing the line? you tell me. was starbucks trying to pull a fast one on customers? they are blogging about the new outdoormen you at some starbucks
2:55 pm
drive-thru. they advertise grande and vente. but they no longer mention the tall size couples still for sale. some bloggers believe starbucks is being sneaky nudging hurried drive-thru customers to spend more. starbucks spokeswoman said we have to make choices about what we put on the menu so customers can get through as quickly as possible. one customer wrote that it was disingenuous to suggest that it was a benefit to the customer. within the hour we heard from another starbucks spokeswoman. she now says, "we listened to the feedback, and starting thursday, stores will be drive-
2:56 pm
boards. so let them off the hook now. starbucks recognizes there was some kind of line crossed there, or at least they're listening to the customer because the customer is always right, right? you tell me. let us know what you think. starbucks now changing that. and now the results of yesterday's vote, was cher's racy outfit at sunday's music video awards appropriate? an overwhelming 86% of you say who cares. she looks great m. bye-bye. thank you for joining us this hour. i'm tamron hall. see you up here tomorrow.
2:57 pm
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